Arrhythmia Grand Rounds Journal



A peer-reviewed, case-based, indexed, on-line, interactive and multimedia, open-access journal that will provide the global electrophysiology community high-quality case reports in a grand rounds format.

The journal is intended for the internist, for the general practitioner, for the nurse, for the specialist in electrophysiology and actually FOR ANYONE interested in arrhythmia management.


Welcome to Arrhythmia Grand Rounds (AGR)!

 We anticipate this on-line, open-access, peer-reviewed, commentary-driven, multimedia journal will be the destination for clinicians to learn and interact with colleagues. AGR, with its unique case report format, will blaze a new path to enhance knowledge, optimize patient management, and provide fresh ideas for caring for a particular patient. This format is simply not available elsewhere.

Case reports, including multimedia presentations such as movie files and other images, are submitted and peer reviewed in a double-blinded fashion. Those submissions providing strong and relevant teaching points displaying innovation, clinical value, and educational merit regarding a particular electrophysiology issue will be encouraged and ranked highly. Â The peer reviews will be combined so that each case report will include a discussion in a “grand rounds” style by reviewers who may choose to remain anonymous.

In the beginning, much of the review process will be performed by the members of the internationally prominent Editorial Board and other selected colleagues. Monitored, on-line discussions, allowing for interaction between the author, the editorial board, the reviewers and the readers will follow.

A statement by the Editor-in-Chief or one of his associates will summarize the discussion within a month of posting.

Additional case reports may be submitted to challenge or enhance the issues raised in the initial case report.

The goal is to provide a novel and unique methodology to educate, inspire, engage, interact and advance the field of arrhythmia management by utilizing case-based learning combined with mentorship from the experts in the field and the community at-large.

The journal will be designed for the needs of the readership. Education, however, is paramount. Â Email queries linked directly to the Editor-in-Chief will ensure that timely topics are incorporated and on-line discussions with the authors are supported.

We may have missed critical elements in our initial design. We plan to tailor this publication for your needs. Input is welcome and changes will be reflected based on requests.

Ultimately, we hope Arrhythmia Grand Rounds will become your preferred journal to interact, learn, and share insights with your peers and colleagues!Â