AORTA Journal


AORTA is a forthcoming journal that allows a more intensive treatment of aortic disease than is possible in current journals with broader scope.

Contents include

  • Letters to the Editor
  • Scientific Research Articles (Regular categories as below)
  • Imaging, Pharmacologic therapy, interventional therapy, surgical therapy, genetics, molecular pathophysiology, mechanical properties of the aorta, natural history and epidemiology, and case reports
  • Promising Concepts: a feature that provides a specific opportunity to showcase extremely promising new approaches, even before large clinical trials or even large single institution series have been amassed. If a novel approach appears promising, this feature will disseminate the idea for general consideration. Readers may get exposure to techniques they may choose to apply before reports appear in traditional journals.
  • Images in Aortic Disease (This segment provides an opportunity to showcase dramatic images (radiographic, surgical, laboratory, etc.))
  • How I Do it, “How I Do It” (A purely technical feature, for both surgical and interventional techniques.)
  • “What I Did” (A feature spot-lighting dramatic and/or controversial surgical or interventional procedures.)
  • “Ask the Editors”
  • “Poll the Editorial Board”
  • Roundtable Discussion
  • Historical Perspective
  • State-of-the Art Reviews
  • PRO-CON Debates
  • Basic Science for the Clinician
  • New Technology
  • Ongoing Clinical Trials

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