AORTA Journal

AORTA is a forthcoming journal that allows a more intensive treatment of aortic disease than is possible in current journals with broader scope.

Contents include

  • Letters to the Editor
  • Scientific Research Articles (Regular categories as below)
  • Imaging, Pharmacologic therapy, interventional therapy, surgical therapy, genetics, molecular pathophysiology, mechanical properties of the aorta, natural history and epidemiology, and case reports
  • Promising Concepts: a feature that provides a specific opportunity to showcase extremely promising new approaches, even before large clinical trials or even large single...

Journal of Structural Heart Disease

The New Technical Format for the Journal

  • A hybrid web-tablet format focused on a touch interface though still usable on traditional computers.
  • High quality video and audio
  • Interactive 2D images with planned support for native 3D models
  • Novel applications will be encouraged for development, presentation, and dissemination in JSHD
  • Digital libraries with open access will be built to support media content
    • Educational videos for use at the bedside
    • Libraries of videos portraying patient experiences

Arrhythmia grand rounds journal

A peer-reviewed, case-based, indexed, on-line, interactive and multimedia, open-access journal that will provide the global electrophysiology community high-quality case reports in a grand rounds format.

The journal is intended for the internist, for the general practitioner, for the nurse, for the specialist in electrophysiology and actually FOR ANYONE interested in arrhythmia management.