Science International Corporation- The Continuation of a Passion and a Dream

steven headshot1In 1970, Steven Korn, currently President and Publisher of Science International Corporation, co-founded Futura Publishing Company and, in 1974, co-founded Futura Media Services. Both firms are now part of Wiley/Blackwell Publishing.

The guiding philosophy of both firms was, simply, to identify, present, and publish medical subject areas of interest to the physician and scientific community which, in turn, would, ultimately, contribute to better patient care. In addition, it was our genuine belief that authors should have a gratifying publishing experience, sharing their knowledge and work with their colleagues and students.

It is with a great sense of pride and humility that we published the works of many of the pioneers and leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, and pulmonary medicine.  We also published a number of works devoted to holistic medicine and the science of life. I hesitate to mention the many dozens of outstanding physicians/scientists with whom I have had the honor and privilege of collaborating with for fear I might, inadvertently, forget to mention a name. Many close friendships have lasted for decades and my world and purpose has been enriched with these relationships.
This has inspired me to reignite the passion and the dream to continue this publishing ethic and, using the current digital format, continue building a library of outstanding books, journals, and meetings to disseminate this information to a much wider audience at a very affordable price.

The five key guiding principles of Science International are:

Immediacy – Fast communication of clinically applicable information
Relevancy – Providing important clinical, state of the art, information to help provide excellent patient care
Portability – Information online, available anytime and anywhere
Accessibility – Reaching out to the authors, contributors, and speakers to create a direct dialogue between the author and reader community
Affordability – Content available at a reasonable price to ensure a wide international circulation of information

We welcome hearing from you.

Management Team

Steven Korn
President, Science International Corporation
Stamford, Connecticut, USA
Steven has a Medical Doctor degree. In 1970 co-founded “Futura Publishing Company” and, in 1974, co-founded “Futura Media Services” – both full service medical scientific publishing companies. Both firms are now part of Wiley/Blackwell Publishing. Since then, Dr. Korn has been active in medical publishing for over 45 years. Dr. Korn founded more than 20 scientific medical journals, especially in the area of cardiovascular medicine and surgery. These journals include Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, Journal of Cardiac Surgery, Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology, Journal of Interventional Cardiology, and Echocardiography, among others.
Justin Korn
Vice-President, Science International Corporation
Munich, Germany
Justin is a neuroscience major from Boston University with experience in stem-cell research laboratories of Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, Massachusetts, USA).
Jonathan Shroyer
Journal Production Team, IT Administrator/Journal Production Manager
Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
Jonathan is an IT expert who has run a desktop publishing, graphic design, and website development company since 1994 with vast experience in many types of business, including medical. Jonathan also teaches advanced web development methods at conferences throughout the world a few times each year.
Sonia Morgan-Linnell
Journal Production Team, Content Editor
Houston, Texas, USA
Sonia has a PhD degree, specializing in writing in collaboration with physicians and scientists. Sonia has vast experience in scientific editing, medical writing, publisher copyediting, English translation, regulatory compliance, and scientific writing.